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Nah mate I’m not up for this whole “people die every minute and where’s their recognition" thing in regards to Tito’s death.

Tito died due to cancer. I GUARANTEE every single person on this earth will either get cancer themselves or have to watch a loved one go through…

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i hope you get to fuck somebody to an arctic monkeys song

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puta obviously its the end of an era, our players are absolutely exhausted and now with this fucking sanction shit we are absolutely screwed. honestly dont blame the players, its the way the club is being handled that is fucking everyone over. 

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Players like Messi and Xavi don’t just lose their drive to win like this over night. I’ll admit that no one is playing well, but there has to be an underlying problem. There has to be a reason our players just look so run down. I just think that the players are emotionally drained at this point.

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I only feel sorry because players lost their spirits. They are unhappy, don’t even want to play anymore. Sad.

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I’m sorry Puyol we didn’t give you a perfect last season, I’m really sorry.

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